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Rock Compound "Sandstone"

Rock Compound
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During the drying procedure the NOCH Rock Compound receives automatically a "rocky" surface structure due to its special composition. The both favoured NOCH Rock Compounds are also available in the inexpensive large pack containing 1000 g. How to apply: The colored NOCH Rock Compound is the ideal material for the creation of realistic rock outcrops. Due to the special compositions the NOCH Rock Compound gets automatically a rocky dainty surface during the drying. You can create especially realistic rock structures by breaking NOCH Hardfoam or NOCH Rock Walls to desired size and modelling it into the still wet compound. The NOCH Rock Compound is mixed with water in a mixing cup to a creamy mass and then applied with a wooden spatula or a knife. The putty ties off after about 15 minutes. Please do not dilute the putty subsequently with water. Note: Wash the brush spatula and cup with soap and warm water immediately after use .

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