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LED for floor interior lighting white, 10 pieces

LED for floor interior lighting white, 10 pieces
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Product information "LED for floor interior lighting white, 10 pieces" Ideal for use with the new floor interior lighting item-No. 6045. The LEDs can be precisely glued into the racks for individual illuminating of entire floors or individual single windows in buildings of all kinds. Each one LED provides the right brightness. Even available item-No. 6047 yellow and item-No. 6046 warm-white LED. Suitable for TT, N and Z buildings. Even for light boxes of house illumination start set item-No. 6005. Hint: Power module with plug-in rail item-No. 5205 offers flicker-free lighting by using AC power. Nearly double brightness is possible.

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Starter set Wachstadt station
Starter set Wachstadt station
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